Reflect, Refine, and Release

Author Jacqueline Vazquez of Inspired by Jacqueline created three journals, of which the first one is releasing soon.

Introducing Your Release Journal

The first journal, Your Release Journal, was created for women battling Infertility. Jacqueline struggled with infertility for close to 10 years, and after 30 years decided to share her story. Jacqueline created the journal as a tool to help women during their emotional healing process..



Email me to let me know, you are looking forward to the journal launch.


In this journal you will find some insights and tips to help with releasing and healing from the emotional burdens that come with infertility. Jacqueline shares her journey, but in no way is the information shared to deter anyone from the decisions being made or thought about. Jacqueline shares her journey to show the snapshot of her story in hopes to enlighten women especially when they feel alone during this whole process.

This journal is to let women know that they are not alone. Her insights and tips are to help in some way to lighten frustrations and struggles, plus help women breathe a bit more easily as they go through the most difficult emotions and decisions. There is no easy way to select one method over another, the goal is to feel happy with the decision made.

The purpose for this journal is to help release any mental anxiety, stress, confusion, and any depressive state. This journal is not meant to record the monthly progress of temperature, ovulation, or any other monitoring recording. It is just meant to allow women to relax, breathe, be themselves, release emotions, or for them to find themselves again.

Your Release Journal