Author, Jacqueline Vazquez; Your Release Journal; A Journey With Infertility.  A community for women struggling Entrepreneurship, Faith or Infertility.

Jacqueline Vazquez




In this Inspired by Jacqueline platform, Jacqueline Vazquez aims to help women struggling with Entrepreneurship, Faith, or Infertility by providing them with the tools & resources to release, heal and achieve emotional freedom. Her life’s journey and experiences has prepared her to become a resource for women worldwide.

Jacqueline Vazquez has been an entrepreneur and well-esteemed professional in the event industry for over 25 years. At the age of 28, she soon learned her journey with motherhood would take an unexpected turn into a journey with infertility. Her faith has kept her on firm foundation throughout all her unexpected situations. Whether it was a challenge or a loss, her resilience and faith has allowed her to move ahead towards her purpose.

Other than being a Latina CEO, Jacqueline is an Author, Speaker, Educator, Mentor, and Podcast Host. She is also described as being genuine, caring, resilient, patient, mindful, funny, empathetic, driven, reliable, trustworthy, curious, a survivor, and a realist.

While at the height of building her company and speaking in countries from Ecuador to China, not only was she struggling with the nuances that comes with being an entrepreneur, but she was also experiencing and struggling with infertility.  This is one of the reasons that lead her to serve other women.

Jacqueline is always looking for ways to support & empower girls and women by mentoring and speaking at events that build awareness and encourage women to be curious and driven. As a supporter of women’s mental wellness, she created this community that offers life-changing tools and resources. This community was created with intention and purpose based on Jacqueline’s real life experiences in all the three pillars: Entrepreneurship, Faith, and Infertility.

She launched the Inspired by Jacqueline Podcast, to educate, spread awareness and equip women globally. Tune in to the Podcast, as well as the Breaking The Glass Ceiling book where she discusses her journey with infertility while being an entrepreneur. Also look out for the Becoming An Unstoppable Woman book, where Jacqueline shares her journey on how she changes her narrative as a shy introvert. Jacqueline’s journey was also featured in the Event Therapy Magazine, a magazine focused on building mental health awareness for event and entertainment professional.

Jacqueline is a woman with a purpose driven goal: to be a part of a woman’s healing journey in these three pillars: Entrepreneurship, Faith, and Infertility.


  • Foundation: God first in everything I do.
  • Impact: Having faith and truly believing in what I cannot not see.
  • Giving Back: Connecting with young girls to re-enforce the reality that YES YOU CAN is not a myth.
  • Uniqueness: I aim to walk in my purpose, my unique purpose. Therefore, understanding my UQI (Unique Quality Identifier), helps define my purpose.
  • Respect: I respect myself, therefore I expect the same respect from those who connect with me.
  • Education: I am an advocate for education, no matter what. Goals just don’t become a reality by chance, it requires work and that work starts with knowledge.
  • Social Responsibility: Being a resource for women struggling in any of these areas Entrepreneurship, Faith, or Infertility.


  • Learning how to release & regain control of your journey.
  • Tips to help navigate through life’s situations.
  • How to turn a journey with infertility, into a journey with purpose.
  • How releasing from emotional bondage turns into survival.
  • Turning entrepreneurship challenges into purpose.

fun facts

  • I love to dance.
  • I am a child of God.
  • I decompress by watching movies and listening to music.
  • I am a Coffee-Lover.
  • I love traveling.
  • I truly love and enjoy spending time with my husband whether it’s doing nothing, taking a drive, going on dates, or traveling the world.

Get in touch

Jacqueline is available as a resource, podcast guest, and speaking collaborations worldwide. If you want to chat about situations arising from being an entrepreneur, holding on to your faith or infertility, don’t hesitate in reaching out.

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