I help women struggling with

Entrepreneurship, Faith or Infertility,

by providing the tools & resources

to release, heal, and achieve

emotional freedom.

A Refreshing, Intentional, and Purposeful community just for YOU.


Hi, Jacqueline Here.

A Woman with a PURPOSE driven goal: to be a part of your healing journey. I’m an Entrepreneur, Author, Educator, Speaker, and Host of the Inspired by Jacqueline Community and Podcast.

Jacqueline Vazquez: CEO, Entrepreneur, Event Planner, Author, Speaker, Mentor, Educator, Podcast Host.  Classy and Inspiring; Inspired by Jacqueline
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The Inspired by Jacqueline Podcast

When you tune in to my podcast, you will be a part of some amazing, transparent and at times vulnerable Heart-to-Heart conversations, which will leave you feeling encouraged, stronger, and ready to move ahead with any struggles you may be facing surrounding Entrepreneurship, Faith or Infertility.

Find the book(s) for you.

Check out the what amazing books and journals I have in store for you. Take a chance and get ready to transform your journey.

Jacqueline Vazquez, Author, CEO, Entrepreneur.  Books and Journals for women struggling with Entrepreneurship, Faith or Infertility.

Interested in booking me for a speaking or mentoring engagement? Topics included women struggling with situations around Entrepreneurship, Faith or Infertility. Or are you looking to find out more about my journals or books?

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I am not a certified coach, psychologist, counselor, therapist or medical professional, but I speak from experience on all of these struggles.