Jacqueline created an Inspirational, Refreshing, Intentional, and Purposeful Community just for YOU.

A safe space for women struggling with

Entrepreneurship, Faith or Infertility.


A space for you to:

  • Release
  • Breathe
  • Move Forward


  I help women in search of freedom from emotional insecurity and doubts while struggling with entrepreneurship, infertility, or faith.

I am not a certified coach, psychologist, counselor, therapist or medical professional, but I speak from experience on all of these struggles.


We have Heart-to-Heart real talks leaving you to feel encouraged and stronger, while allowing you to achieve personal growth with love.


🧡 Inspiration | Faith | Infertility 🧡
🧡 Entrepreneurship | Community | Leadership 🧡
🧡 Empowerment | Transformation 🧡

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